Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alcohol-Free coaching?

Our coaching is working with someone trained in the methodology of This Naked Mind who creates a safe space for you to explore your relationship with alcohol, whether your goal is abstinence, moderation, or simply curiosity.

How is coaching different from therapy?

The key difference is that therapy (typically) involves healing the past, while coaching involves moving forward. At Nourish Your Best Self we provide health coaching and life coaching helping you create the best version of you.

Do I have to stop drinking forever? 

Only you can decide what is right for you. Many people desire to drink mindfully and in moderation while many choose an AF life forever. While working together, you will have an opportunity to discover what is right for you. Keeping an open mind is critical as you  learn more about the effects of alcohol on your life. 

I have tried to stop drinking before and was only able to make it a few days; how do I know this time will be different?

With This Naked Mind you will uncover your unconscious beliefs around alcohol and the science behind why you drink. Knowledge is power!

How is This Naked Mind different from AA?

AA is based on giving up your power, attending meetings to maintain your sobriety and labeling yourself as an alcoholic. At Nourish Your Best Self, we believe that overuse of alcohol is not a character flaw; we believe that alcohol is addictive to humans and that anyone is subject to alcohol use disorder. We work with clients to bring back your power through TNM proprietary methods that leave you free to live your new life without fear! No meetings, no labels, no shame. 

If I stop drinking will I lose my friends or my spouse?

This is a common fear that many of us have before we commit to exploring our drinking. Like many fears, this is based in 'fear of the unknown'. Though coaching, we explore together all of your fears, beliefs, and negative thoughts around drinking. Once these are identified your coach will help you work through each challenging belief, fear or thought - this is where you will begin to see real change!

Still have questions? 

Book a 30 minute discovery call and get the answers you need to decide if coaching is right for you. 

Our Health and Wellness Disclaimer

This website is for educational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions about a medical condition, please see your physician or other qualified health provider.

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