About Me

Welcome to “Nourish Your Best Self”. If you are like most of us, you want to eat healthier, feel better and create good habits for your family. But, what does ‘healthy’ mean; paleo? Gluten-free? No dairy? If you are confused or overwhelmed by the latest blog or diet craze you have come to the right place; welcome to a new way of Nourishing YOU! My name is Teri Patterson and I began my own journey in nutrition more than 10 years ago, when I started by making one small change every year: cutting out bread; taking a coffee break; adding more fiber; eating protein with every meal; sobriety. Soon, I was hooked. I was feeling better, sleeping better and embracing a whole new level of energy. The culmination of these single steps led me to Nutritional Therapy Association where I completed my certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. In my practice, I work with small groups and with clients one-on-one to help you discover these profound changes for yourself. I believe we have within us the key to unlock our fullest potential and it starts with discovering your best self, mind, body and spirit.

Each of us has our own motivation for health and vitality. Perhaps it is keeping up with a growing family, running a 5K, or dancing at your grandchild’s wedding. My personal motivation is my grandson Conner. Conner was born in April of 2012 with a rare chromosomal disorder that has left him without the ability to walk, or speak and with a feeding tube to sustain him. My husband and I have the privilege of co-parenting with our daughter. This happy, funny little guy is growing and thriving! Every day I work to stay strong so that I can lift him, I work to create healthy meals that he can digest, and I work to stay positive in the face of sometimes overwhelming circumstances. By nourishing me and practicing good nutrition, I can be there when I need to. I don’t want to miss a single day of his journey.

My passions include reading and research, camping and hiking and life-long learning. I believe in re-inventing yourself at any age.  I love to geek out over bone broth, jun tea and whole, nutrient-dense real food. But, I also break it down for you so that you can take the small steps to create your best life without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. My vision for “Nourish Your Best Self” is to create a sacred space, without judgement, where we come together to explore what it means to for each of us to be our best self.

I believe in freedom from counting calories, I believe in eating whole food that your Great Grandma would recognize and I believe each of us need to find our own “diet”.  I also believe that nutrition can be fun; let’s explore together what it means to ‘Nourish Your Best Self’!