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Nourish Your Best Self

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Teri Patterson

Welcome to Nourish Your Best Self.
As a functional nutritionist and life coach,
I believe:
  • Good Health is a Gift we give ourselves.
  • True Wellness is more than Food
  • Sobriety is a Superpower
  • Everyone has the ability to create their truth
My journey began over four years ago when I finally said 'enough'. I had been using alcohol for pleasure and pain for far too long and it was time to stop. The scary part was that I had tried to moderate in the past with no success.
I was spending all my energy bargaining with myself - " I will only drink on the weekends." "I will only have wine." "I will only have one glass of wine." Sound familiar?
I was stuck in a vicious cycle that resulted in guilt and shame and also included restless sleep, hangovers and anxiety. My digestion was a mess, I was flabby and out of shape and I had no energy. I also couldn't even recall the last sober and honest conversation I had shared with my husband. This was not what I signed up for!
So, I jumped in to the sober end of the pool and my life looks incredibly different today! Just a few months into my journey I went back to school and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I began teaching people about the importance of whole food, blood sugar regulation,healthy fats and how to create a life you won't want to escape from.  Along the way I have become the healthiest version of myself. I am passionate about sharing this journey with others. And, I believe it all starts with making alcohol small and irrelevant in our lives. Then, we can begin to nourish our best self!

Wellness without Wine 

Your health depends on it


Alcohol has a direct affect on your gut health. Excess sugar and chemicals upset the natural balance of the gut microbiome.


The chemicals in your nightcap cause blood sugar imbalances creating a restless night of sleep. 


Your liver is responsible for over 500 different physiological functions; give it a rest by ditching the cocktails. 

Brain Health

Alcohol floods your system with a rush of chemicals that cause your brain to slow down. It also numbs out ALL feelings, making us have less of life, not more.

Weight Gain

Empty calories-Alcohol is full of them! Plus, we lose our inhibitions and our ability to monitor our snacking


Headaches, dehydration, hanxiety, all of these effects of booze create massive stress on our bodies and our relationships.

Sober Services 

Create Your Best Self

1-1 Private Coaching

to help you leave the booze behind and discover the real you!

Free Breakthrough Call

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Hold The Wine!

A 30 day group experiment designed to help you discover how good you can feel!


“This program was exactly what I needed; all of the information was very valuable and I learned a lot!”

Katie A. 

— Jimmie Clayton


Nutritional Services


real learning, real support, real change

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delicious, nutritious meals in a fraction of the time

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motivation, inspiration transformation!

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