Turn your wellness clients into raving fans; grow your business and make a BIG impact by introducing Alcohol-free living!

Nourish Your Best Self

If you have ever wondered how to help your clients take the next step in their wellness journey, you are in the right place!

Let's Start Here (check all that apply)

I'm here because I...

1. ...feel lost in this crowded wellness space.

2. ...struggle to get my clients the results they want and deserve.

3. ...wonder if my dream of making a BIG impact is just a dream.

4. ...know, deep down that helping my clients take a break from drinking might just be the 'thing' but I don't know how to get started.

5. ...worry that if I share alcohol-free living I will turn my clients off.

GOOD NEWS my friend! There is no wrong answer.

If you struggle with any one of these, you're in the right place!


I'm Teri Patterson and I help struggling wellness professionals turn their clients into raving fans, grow their business and make a BIG impact by introducing their clients to alcohol-free living! 


Sober Human, Functional Nutritionist, and This Naked Mind certified coach. I am passionate about sharing the amazing health benefits ​I've found by embracing 'this sober journey'. As wellness professionals, we have a unique opportunity to help our clients discover what happens when they take a break from drinking. Better sleep, better gut-health, energy, stamina and the life they deserve are all waiting on the other side. I help wellness professionals learn how to have the ONE wellness conversation that can change everything!

I was exactly where you are right now...

I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2016, excited to find clients and guide them on their wellness journey, grow my business, and make a BIG impact. So, I hustled for clients, and then I worked hard to find the magic formula to help them thrive. And, sometimes it worked but I always felt like something was missing. How did I help them truly THRIVE?


In 2018 I found This Naked Mind and I realized that when I helped my clients take a break from alcohol, everything improved! It was a light-bulb moment! Struggling with gut-health? Better. Restless sleep? Improved. Anxiety? Reduced. Stamina; Focus; Energy - everything got better!

I started helping clients take a closer look at the role alcohol was playing in their wellness journey and I have since coached thousands to take a 30-day break. This ONE thing has helped my clients transform their wellness journey, turned them into raving fans, and allowed me to build the business of my dreams! 

My deepest desire is to help you take your clients on this same transformational journey. I want to share the how, why, and what of helping your clients take a break from drinking in a fun and engaging way that will transform their lives and your business! Not sure where to start? That's where I come in. 

I'm on your side - we can do this together!

Your health depends on it

Wellness without Wine 


Alcohol has a direct affect on your gut health. Excess sugar and chemicals upset the natural balance of the gut microbiome.


The chemicals in your nightcap cause blood sugar imbalances creating a restless night of sleep. 


Your liver is responsible for over 500 different physiological functions; give it a rest by ditching the cocktails. 

Brain Health

Alcohol floods your system with a rush of chemicals that cause your brain to slow down. It also numbs out ALL feelings, making us have less of life, not more.

Weight Gain

Empty calories-Alcohol is full of them! Plus, we lose our inhibitions and our ability to monitor our snacking


Headaches, dehydration, hanxiety, all of these effects of booze create massive stress on our bodies and our relationships.

Sober Services 

Create Your Best Self

1-1 Private Coaching

to help you leave the booze behind and discover the real you!

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The Sober E.D.G.E.

A 5 week online program to help you talk to your wellness clients about alcohol


"What I’ve most appreciated is Teri’s compassion which comes from her own experiences with the same struggle to become Alcohol-Free. Also, I’ve appreciated Teri’s lack of judgment which gave me a comfort zone to open up and be honest about my own personal version of this struggle. Teri LISTENS and HEARS; overall the whole experience has been very enlightening, empowering, motivating, and something I will use for years to come!" Marianne G. 

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5 week program


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